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Aug 25 2010

3rd of the 1st Nine Weeks!

Okay, so. I have been teaching Middle School students for the past 3 weeks. I’ve had a majority good time doing it. #LoveMyJob. To give you all a quick update, I’d been hired to teach 6,7,and 8th grade ELA and Math Special Education as an Inclusion teacher. However, for the past 2 weeks, I have been teaching 6th Grade (General Education and Self Contained). O_O!!!! Talk about stressed! At our school, we are on 100 minute blocks. I teach Math, Science and English! I am totally drained at the moment! On the bright side, I LOVE my students. They are adorable! This transition stage is funny because they are trying so hard to be “young adult”, yet they still have an “Elementary” mindset at times. Im working on that with them.

In the meantime, Im missing out on having a one-on-one impact with my SpEd students. I know that I can do it because I am already gaining a fundamental relationship with all of the middle school. I have 7th and 8th graders BEGGING to come into my class. They all say “Ms. Reid, Can I come into your class? I can be in the 6th grade again!” LOL. Unfortunately I have to say no, but I love them all.

The best news is that I will finally be back to Inclusion teaching next monday!!!! The not so great part is that I am the ONLY inclusion teacher for the entire middle school! Although we are a small parish and school, about 20% of the student population have IEP’s (Thats about 15 students). I am sure that we will find more students who need specialized services. This is also not including students with 504 plans or students who have ADHD. My job is quite intense but I LOVE it. I have the biggest impact on my students lives and I am so eager to help them.

The best quote I have had so far is from one of my 6th Graders. I could tell from the 1st day that I had him, Travon had issues with math. I also knew that I had to make it fun and engaging for most of my students to grasp the concept of multiplying decimals. We played a fun math game the 1st day I had my own class (Risky, I know). However, it turned out EXCELLENT! They Loved it. I asked my students to write me a letter telling me about their learning experience from the 1st day. Travon’s letter stood out to me the most. It said “…I had trouble in math before. I never thought I could have fun and learn at the same time. I hope we can always have fun and learn. I felt good about my learning experience! I hope you can always be my teacher Ms. Reid”.

Reading that letter almost had me in tears. It felt so good that I could impact someones life in, literally, 1 day of learning and engagement. It also reminded me that This is why I Teach For America. I change and impact lives, one day at a time!


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