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Sep 14 2010


So, Last Friday was a whirlwind full of frustration. A neighborhood related fight broke out and involved some of my special education kids.Their behavior has alot to do with their disability. Some of my kids are ED (Emotionally Disturbed). Its sad how many of these students have a horrible home environment and a lack of vision outside of their current small town.

Today, I had a heart to heart with some of my 8th graders. Because their home environment sucks, they have to look to some place to fill the void of care and compassion that is lacking at home. I have filled that void for alot of them. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get through to all of them, but alot of them said they never had a teacher that cared so much and had so much hope for them. It killed me when I asked my students “Who all truly believes they are an average student”. Almost all of them raised their hands. I asked them, “has anybody ever told you that you were amazing, intelligent, strong, above average children?” A majority of them said no one has ever told them that. That killed me inside. However, I turned my sadness into more inspiration for them to grasp onto. I told them that they were not average. Average people don’t get far in life. I told them they have potential to be great because they come from a long line of great people. I told them to be leaders and be the change that they want to see. They all felt more prone to do their work after that because they know how big 8th grade year is for them (LEAP State test year).

Once a student feels like somebody cares about them and their actions, they will gain respect for you as more than  just a teacher but as a person who has invested in them. They are the ones who give me hope to keep pushing. They let me know that my work and stress and sleeplessness isnt in vain and they will push to make their dreams come true.

Things that make me sooo furious is when students have absolutely zero motivation to do their work. Many of them act out in class because they are soo far behind and do not understand what is going on in class. (Especially math and english). They understand the system too. Which sucks. They understand that if they fail the LEAP 3 times, they are eligible to get socially promoted to the 9th grade and make it to high school. Therefore, they have no motivation to do anywork and discourage others to do the same. Its painful to see everyday. But it gives me hope to know that I have touched some students hopefully they will encourage their peers to do the same and be exemplary students.

What kills me the most is when stude……… well….thats for a whole ‘nother blog post! lol.

Stay tuned! Parent Teacher Conference tomorrow! :-) :-/ Yikes! haha

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